RSS condemning interference of Government over various spheres of social life by resolution in 1959…

1959 March : A.B.P.S

Widening Range of Governmental Controls

The tendency of the Government to establish its control and monopoly, directly or indiretly, over the various spheres of social life is becoming more and more pronounced over the last few years.

(Note: Nehru brought Hindu Code Bills in years preceding to this resolution)

In addition to the increasing measure of Governmental control and monopoly over trade and industry, the proposed co-operative farming scheme which aims at the liquidation of the small farmer strikes at the very roots of democracy. The way the educational and religious institutions are being brought under the control of Government has no parallel, except in dictatorial and fascist countries.

As a result, concentration of power in the hands of the Government is growing at a fast pace and individual freedom is getting curtailed. This policy, instead of opening new vistas for the development of under-developed sections of the society is only hindering their proper growth. Based as it is on foreign ideologies, this policy is positively repugnant to our national ethos. It has also given rise to various kinds of conflicts among the people, as also highly immoral and anti-social tendencies.

It is the firm opinion of the A.B.P.S that this all-round onslaught on people’s liberty is a grave crime against all human values and a mischievous conspiracy to suppress the Hindu character of this land. The A.B.PS cautions all the devout followers of Bharateeya culture against the serious consequences of these policies ans calls upon them to stand up unitedly in defence of the freedom and dignity of the individual.



Page 15,16

Published by:

Prakashan Vibag
Rastriya Swyamsevak Sangh, Karnataka.

Vijayadasami, 1983