Stop implementing Uniform Civil Code on Indians

The Law commission of India is seeking public opinion on Uniform Civil Code.


It is time Indians wake up and strongly respond with their disapproval for the same. Uniform Civil Code aspires to kill the diversity of India by imposing Uniform way of Life infringing upon the freedom of religion of an Individual as well as the collective rights of people to associate and share a common way of life under what ever umbrella they may want.

What the Union Government shall rather do is to set up a body where any set of people shall register their shared code of life, live and settle disputes in accordance to that among themselves. This is how every Indigenous Peoples of India have all along been living and functioning thoughout its history. And its the most democratic way of letting people live their own way of life.

Off late such rights have also been ratified by United nations with its declartion on the rights of Indigenous Peoples:

It is time that Indian consitution is rather amended if needed in this direction giving back its peoples their right to determine their life and arrive at their own solutions to their problems than to impose what the Government thinks as solutions, through Uniform Civil Code.

Even United States that has the history of thrashing the life and aspirations of its own Indigenous Peoples, today has recognized close to 572 Indigenous Peoples and has given them the oppurtunity to enact their own civil consitution and live and settle disputes in accordance to that, which India shall try to emulate.

Constitutions of Indigenous Peoples of United States could be found from:

In days to come Sarvadharma, requests everyone to respond against Uniform Civil Code to the Law Commission’s request and we would also be writing to Law commision with our strong objection to any attempt to force upon Indians who are naturally diverse and united a Uniform way of Life.

We should also insist that all current personal Laws, Hindu Code Bills, Muslim Personal Law etc., that are already ruining the society be annulled and let people to re-organize themselves.

We will organize a gathering too in this regard. We request everyone who receives this notification share it widely through all possible medias and create awareness that their freedom to define their own way of life is at stake.

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